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Inkling Rondo by MasterMetallix Inkling Rondo :iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 2 0 XV2 Coliflor by MasterMetallix XV2 Coliflor :iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 1 1
PKMN: Lauren Bio
Name: Lauren Arachnia (Not her real name, it's her brainwashed name)
Trainer Class: Huntress
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Height: 5'8
Eyes: Green
Hair: Long black tied into one long ponytail.
Family: Dan Delgado (Partner in Crime), Blanca (Partner in Crime)
Attire: Leather violet vest with a leather black jacket on top, leather black pants, and tall leather black boots.
Personality: Pretty much cold, she's detached from most sentiment.
Water Bubble
Scald, Leech Life, Mirror Coat, Spider Web
Held item: Waterium Z
Leech Life, Venoshock, Toxic, Sticky Web
Held item: Black Sludge
Compound Eyes
Electroweb, Leech Life, Energy Ball, Double Team
Held item: Expert Bow (Expert Belt tied in the fashion of a bow)
:iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 1 1
PKMN: Blanca Bio
Name: Blanca
Trainer Class: Hacker
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'7
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Long Neon Blue
Family: Dan Delgado (Partner in crime and adoptive father)
Attire: Plain white tank underneath a black varsity hoodie jacket that has neon blue sleeves, buttons, and the inner part of the hood. Black stealth leggings, below the knees is colored neon blue. Her arms have traces of cybernetic grafting which is what she uses for her hacking.
Personality: Pretty much cool-headed and unafraid, at times smug and cheeky. She is also deceptive, clever, and manipulative.
Pesci (Kadabra)
Psyshock, Shadow Ball, Recover, Teleport
Held item: Psychium Z
Chanja (Kecleon)
Flamethrower, Iron Tail, Ice Beam, Double Team
Held item: Expert Belt
:iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 1 3
PKMN: Metallix Bio
Name: Chaise Frost
Codename: Metallix
Trainer Class: Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 5'8
Hair: Snow White
Eyes: Blue
Attire as Hunter: Cobalt exoskeleton armor suit that has various features such as natural ability enhancement, a conversion beam unit to capture bounty Pokemon, stealth unit, and grapple line.
Attire off duty: Cobalt flannel open button shirt, plain white tee under the flannel shirt, Black jean pants, plain white sneakers.
Personality: Generally tries to keep cool but some things can make him get angry rather easily...specifically phone calls that get him nowhere and people who hand up on him before finishing.
Iron Head, Stone Edge, Fire Punch, Thunder Wave
Held Item: Aggronite
Dragon Pulse, Air Slash, Flamethrower, Boomburst
Held item: Sitrus Berry
Compound Eyes
Thunderbolt, Bug Buzz, Giga Drain, Sticky Web
Held item: None
Iron Fist
Shadow Punch, Ice Punch, Earth Power, Hyper Beam
Held item: Muscle Ban
:iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 1 1
U8's Warrior Helps by MasterMetallix U8's Warrior Helps :iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 1 1 Alexander-I-See-You by MasterMetallix Alexander-I-See-You :iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 2 0
PKMN: Dan Delgado Bio
Name: Dan Delgado
Codename: Masked Man
Trainer Class: Hunter
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'6
Family: Valentina Garcia (Former Lover), Erik (Son) Blanca (Partner in crime and adoptive daughter), Christian Delgado (Brother), Amelia Hernandez (Sister-in-law), Camila Delgado (Sister), Ericka Delgado (Niece), Hugo Delgado (Brother), Lorenzo Elías (Brother-in-law), Zoe Delgado (Sister), Sergio Elías (Nephew)
Appearance: Black military type pants with armored boots, a plain white long sleeve and a black hooded overcoat, a metal mask conceals his face from the nose down and filters his voice, only his eyes and hair are identifiable.
Weapons: He carries twin shotguns in his overcoat for if things needs to come down to killing.
Bio: Short and simple...he use to be among the top trainers in Hoenn and well known in various places before he decided to vanish after leaving his infant son, Erik, at home because he didn't want to be bogged down by love let
:iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 2 7
Pokemon RP Starter: Luther
~in the hot desert route of Orre region, Luther wanders with his Treecko on his shoulder~
Luther: *his eyes look deadpan, his breathing a bit heavy* ...I should have found a way to rid myself of these accursed wrist shackles.. *looked at his shackles as he said that then continued walking but his body ends up collapsing on the ground* Nnngh..damn.. *his vision blurs slightly with his eyelids wanting to close shut*
Treecko: Tree! Treecko! *nudges him*
:iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 1 26
Pokemon Bio: Luther Shandlesc
Name: Luther Shandlesc
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 5'8
Skin Tone: Dark
Hair Color: Carolina Blue (dyed), naturally Black.
Attire: Red sleeveless, a fur-collared blue leather with fur inside trench coat, black pants, black boots with a gold buckle
Distinguishing features: Anti-religious symbol tattoo on his back, tattoo on his right eye
Occupation: Cipher Shadow Master
Family: Not known
Comrades: Ikaika Yamamoto, Adonis (both are Cipher cohorts but they're part of his inner circle)
Pokemon: Shadow Lugia, Shadow Sceptile
Background: As a child he had signs of what his parents could assume was an anger disorder..which made him do pretty grim acts, age 5 his parents tried to get him some help but problem is all the help was ineffective solely due to the fact he accepted who he was. And to make matters worse the town he lived in fell under terrorist invasion, a lot were killed while some including Luther himself were taken for slavery. Little Luther became further twisted in his mind when
:iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 1 7
Jace (ref) by MasterMetallix Jace (ref) :iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 2 1 Malice (ref) by MasterMetallix Malice (ref) :iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 1 0 Yo by MasterMetallix Yo :iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 0 0
Sonic RP Starter (Aquilo)
It was a raining night, walking out of the town was a white and blue hedgehog wearing a long coat, tossing his client the precious belonging they hired him to get back from someone he also had to kill and continues on his way while taking out a tablet "...Who's my next target?" He asked to himself as he pulled up the image and information on the next person for him to kill.
:iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 0 13
Pokemon Sun: Erika by MasterMetallix Pokemon Sun: Erika :iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 2 0 :You will learn what true fear is: by MasterMetallix :You will learn what true fear is: :iconmastermetallix:MasterMetallix 1 0


RP Rules
I figured I would do one of these, since I've seen a lot of my fellow rpers do them. My rules about my rps and what I am comfortable/uncomfortable with.
-Yuri/fxf/girlxgirl, etc whatever you call it (ONLY: BIGGEST RULE HERE) (It's just what I do/what I'm more comfortable with. If this upsets you, I apologize)
-I am a SUBMISSIVE (uke). If you wish to make a compromise where you wish to be the sub for a little bit after I am, then we can talk. I want someone to be dominate (seme)
- 18+ / Regular (Romance with maybe a bit of sexual content)/ Fluff (Cute stuff)
- Mature content, along with some story (There has to be at least A LITTLE plot before the fun stuff)
- Hypnosis
-Giantess/Tiny(I will be the tiny. I didn't think I would have to stress this) (Not too small though. Doll sized is a good start)
-Forbidden relationships (Teacher x student, mistress x slave/servant/maid, step sister x step sister, etc)
-Ocs in uniforms (Like school girl outfits, har
:iconriverangel16:RiverAngel16 16 201
Kai and Jade by haruhihedgehog13 Kai and Jade :iconharuhihedgehog13:haruhihedgehog13 2 8 Fancy Jadyn by haruhihedgehog13 Fancy Jadyn :iconharuhihedgehog13:haruhihedgehog13 4 10 Anne by ClaudiaThebear123 Anne :iconclaudiathebear123:ClaudiaThebear123 6 8
Dragon Trainers: Margaret.
Race: Elves.
Age: 14.
Name: Margaret Blue.
Gender: Female
Height: 1 40.
Weight: 70.6kg
She has black and very long hair, and a dark pink flowers tattoo that change color with her emotion. A light blue armor with light blue snood. Light blue eyes and pointy ears. Always carrying a spear with a red gem(It´s better if you don´t touch it, without asking her)

Background: She was born in 2002, in the south of germany in a secret little village near the sea in a cave where on the other side has this little secret village for drago trainers..Her spear was a gift from her father, who died many years ago. In the war between the dragon hurters and the trainer from dragons. Her spear has a red gem that active when she is in a dangerous when she can´t get out of a problem and also the spear can tranform into a magical  flute that depending on the m
:iconclaudiathebear123:ClaudiaThebear123 2 0
Botw Doodle by Mimibert Botw Doodle :iconmimibert:Mimibert 65 7 ewe by Hydro-Woman ewe :iconhydro-woman:Hydro-Woman 24 80 Jakelson and Family by haruhihedgehog13 Jakelson and Family :iconharuhihedgehog13:haruhihedgehog13 9 8 G - Lizard N Leaf Boi by brokenHealer G - Lizard N Leaf Boi :iconbrokenhealer:brokenHealer 8 1 Skull side of the moon by ChaosOverlordZ Skull side of the moon :iconchaosoverlordz:ChaosOverlordZ 73 7 Freedom Planet 2 Girls ver 2 by TysonTan Freedom Planet 2 Girls ver 2 :icontysontan:TysonTan 1,748 88 Freezer vs Frost by Majingokuable Freezer vs Frost :iconmajingokuable:Majingokuable 167 16 028 - Sandslash (Alolan Form) by Tails19950 028 - Sandslash (Alolan Form) :icontails19950:Tails19950 170 32 Future Furea by C-K-H Future Furea :iconc-k-h:C-K-H 15 12 Comet ( training gear ) by C-K-H Comet ( training gear ) :iconc-k-h:C-K-H 28 17 Black Goku VS Gogeta by Maniaxoi Black Goku VS Gogeta :iconmaniaxoi:Maniaxoi 566 170



So he's finally playable in an actual game again after many years. I' between. I for one love the fact Shadow is playable but that first level isn't exactly the most exciting for me and makes me concerned that this will just be free dlc made on the cheap. Which would not be the best of triumphant returns for the edgelord.
That Sonic Boom Vector episode was actually pretty good. I liked Vector in this, and think it's nice he has his own show, maybe now he's actually paying rent. Also did he ever find that computer room? Anyway check the episode out here.
Miiverse is dying. *looks back on how it became another DeviantArt* ....good riddance.
Sonic Mania is FUN, I am a Knuckles player.
So he's finally playable in an actual game again after many years. I' between. I for one love the fact Shadow is playable but that first level isn't exactly the most exciting for me and makes me concerned that this will just be free dlc made on the cheap. Which would not be the best of triumphant returns for the edgelord.


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